John Martono Studio

JL.Pagersari no 198
Bandung Indonesia

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  1. Hi there,
    Maybe this is a silly question, but where am i able to purchase these beautiful painting by john??
    I live in Melbourne Australia.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you


  2. Hi John, I’d like to enquire about Journey of Happiness III (2014). Do you still have it and how much?
    Regards, Jason

  3. Dear John

    We really like your work and are looking for something 2m x 2m. Have you something to suggest?

    T Family

  4. Hi John.
    I would live to sell a few orpf your paintings in my gallery in Sydney. The gallery is opening in April in a central location. I am selecting 10 artists who will feature on a full time basis in the gallery. As their works sell they will replace them with another. I take 20 percent commission. Can you please contact me if your are interested.
    Thank you

  5. I learned a lot from your site, despite language differences sometimes be an obstacle, but that sort of thing is not a reason not to learn. thanks for all the efforts you are doing to make this article and I hope you continue to do what is best for you and us all !

  6. Astonishing site, and to a great degree charming stuff you arrived! I certainly took an impressive measure from scrutinizing through some of your former presents likewise and picked on drop a comment on this one!

  7. Hello, John,
    Your paintings are miraculous and magical, me and my wife love your art!
    Unfortunately, we are low on budget and I’m almost sure we can’t afford buying your paintings. But maybe, just maybe, we can buy a high resolution picture of a painting, so we would be able to print it on a canvas? Is it possible, John?
    Thank you very much!

  8. Love your work!
    Do you have any one represent you in Florida?
    I would like to know your prices sizes of your artwork and if you have any reproductions
    My company is one of the largest companies in Florida that represent many artists from all over the world
    Where is your studio?

  9. Hi John

    Can you please let me know where I can purchase your works. I live in Adelaide, Australia.

    Thank you


  10. Hey there John

    My name is Maja, I’m working for Fliiby – a digital publishing platform
    We love your art, so we would like to collaborate, since the most of our users are artist and photographers, both amateurs and professionals.
    We think that your art would be a great bonus on our website, and since we have a monetization platform that works similar to Youtube’s monetization program, you can also get paid for the content you produce.
    We’re really interested in working with you and we’re open for any option that could benefit both you and our little startup company.
    Do let us know if you’re interested, so we can move on from there.

  11. Hi John,
    You have such beautiful works.
    I will be in Bali in April 17 and was wondering if there is anywhere in Bali I can see or purchase your paintings?

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