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“John martono is creates unique painting on silk mix with hand stitching, his Works Certainly bring a new perspective within worlds’s contemporary fine arts “

Available at John Martono’s Studio Bandung Indonesia
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The Soul of Happiness 200x200cm painted silk canvases & hand stitching

Journey of Happiness '300x200cm Painted silky canvases & hand stitching

John martono John Martono"The Circle of Happiness" Painted silk canvases & hand stitching 148x200 cm 2015

“The Circle of Happiness” Painted silk canvases & hand stitching 148×200 cm 2015

john martono John Martono John MartonoPainting 2017 :

Circle Series 2016 :

Painting 2016 :

Painting 2015 :

 Available  in Melbourne Australia
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John martono John Martono

Available  in Bangkok Thailand
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John Martono

 Available in London UK
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 Available  in Pompano  Beach, FL USA
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John MArtono