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John Martono

John Martono

Painting & Hand Stitching Process :

Available at John Martono’s Studio Bandung Indonesia
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Circle Series :



Size 100x 100 cm :
Size 150 x 100 cm :
Various Medium Size :






Size 200×140 cm
Size 250 x 140 cm





Journey of Happiness '300x200cm Painted silky canvases & hand stitching

Journey of Happiness ‘300x200cm Painted silky canvases & hand stitching


Various Small Size :




 Available  in Melbourne Australia
Original & Print
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John martono John Martono

Available  in Bangkok Thailand
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John Martono  A textile artist by training, Indonesian John Martono’s approach to his art is experimental and intuitive.  Martono creates his artwork using acrylic paint on silk fabric with free painterly manner. With his background in textile science and technique, Martono incorporates embroidery onto his work to create textural effect to his abstract compositions.  Abandoning all suggestions of figuration or illustration, Martono creates artwork that is modern and mythical. – Sukontip Fon Prahanpap, La Lanta Fine Art Bangkok Thailand

John Martono

 Available in London UK
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 Available  in Pompano  Beach, FL USA
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John MArtono